haute style guide

by Leah

When leaving corporate America, where my attire was classy, professional, and stylish, I vowed to myself that I would never trade in my style for yoga pants. Don’t get me wrong, I love stretchy pants as much as the next girl, but it doesn’t have to be just about athletic wear and sports bras.

I talk a lot about living your truth in my yoga classes. What you wear is making a statement, an expression of who you are and what message you are sending to the world. Does your style match your truth even after you take a sweaty yoga class? It can and should!

What is the secret? Layering! If you have a few key pieces, you can walk around in your yoga clothes underneath, but over the top is classy, sassy and chic! Here is what you need:

Key layering pieces:

    1. Light sweater or a cotton shirt. It can be long or short sleeved. It can also be a tank or muscle tee. Check out the muscle tees by Spiritual Gangster and some of the Hardtail cotton shirts featured in the photos. These are available in the hauteyoga boutique. These shirts are vocal about your expression and they promote love and hope and the yoga lifestyle to boot.
    2. A classic or polished looking sweater or coat. Not an athletic zip up jacket or vest. Think wrap sweater, blazer, trench, belted or tailored coat. This piece is so important. The perfect coat sets the tone for your whole style. When you find a coat that is tailored to hug your curves and show your body, it makes you feel confident and sexy.
    3. It’s all about the shoes! Please no sneakers. Find a pair of boots or booties, heeled or flat. Your shoes tell a story about you. What is the story you want to tell? They also can give you a little lift that makes you stand taller and feel better.
    4. Accessorize! A great pair of leg warmers or long socks, or a scarf will spice things up. A few pieces of jewelry, like a long necklace or mala or a bracelet stack show you took a little time to think about your style. It shows your creativity and uniqueness too. The malas featured in the photos are by Japa Malas and the jewelry mostly by Satya Jewelry, both are also available in the hauteyoga boutique.

Put is all together! Start with your yoga clothes (yoga pants, a bra or tank) pre or post yoga. Throw on the cotton shirt or sweater, your coat, shoes and a few accessories and you have haute style! Go shopping downtown, go out to lunch with friends, run your errands, stay in the flow of life and look good doing it.

Coming out of sweaty yoga? No problem. Bring an extra bra in your bag, strip off your sweaty top, pull your hair back in to a chic ponytail (no bun!) and re-layer. You are good to go! Note: If your pants tend to get really soggy, bring an extra pair of leggings. Most yoga pants will dry quickly, but you make the call on that. The leggings pictured in the photos are by Hardtail and available in store.

Your style doesn’t have to be sacrificed if you practice a lot of yoga. With a few simple layers you can rock your style and feel great before and after you practice! Remember, your style is part of your expression, part of your truth, part of YOU! Be the hautey that you are.

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