Sunday September 30thth, 1:30-3pm

You ready to take your yoga practice to a new dimension? Join Leah Zaccaria and Ryan Cooper for a unique experience of Yoga + R3BAR. The R3BAR Alpha Pro is a portable exercise training tool designed for athletic performance enhancement. This lightweight six pound bar with interchangeable resistance bands promotes pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, therapeutic & active recovery for improving overall freedom of mobility and movement. The R3BAR and its systematic and progressive programming will teach the user to properly stabilize and mobilize the entire Kinetic Movement Chain. Its primary purpose is to train and teach the fundamental mobility necessary to establish and maintain optimum safe, efficient and productive full body mobility and posture.

This combination of yoga and personal training increases your awareness of your body, builds strength, balance, agility, and taps you into limitless possibilities. In this workshop, Leah will lead you through a yoga flow sequence. Then Ryan will lead you through the similar yoga sequence with the R3BAR. Yoga + R3BAR = MAGIC. Come prepared to work, sweat and find a new found appreciation for your practice.

R3BARs are provided. Limited to 10 spots.
Cost: $50