Friday, November 30 7:30-9pm

Fri Date: 11/30/2018 From: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm As we transition towards nature’s most introspective season, much of the natural world moves inward. The sun rises later and sets earlier. Observing the quietness of nature, we can reflect that Winter is a time to rest and replenish. A time to draw inward and gather and store our energy.

In our extended yin practice we will apply static, gentle pressure in long holds to build fluidity and elasticity throughout your connective tissues. This workshop is focused on yin yoga poses for the hips and spine. The yin practice promotes strength and the mobility of Qi (vital energy) flow throughout the meridian systems we will be specifically targeting enhancing and balancing Kidney Qi.

For many of us our lifestyles during the holiday season can feel really yang (read active and social). It’s often a time of year filled with parties, family commitments, and gatherings with friends, late nights, the list goes on. Optimal health is finding a balance – harmonizing our inner life with nature and nurturing our unique rhythms.

In this workshop I’ll be sharing some soul nourishing practices that can support you in clearing some internal space and taking time out to “pause” to reset and restore healthy rhythms. Taking a “pause” amidst the momentum of the holiday pace, deepens our capacity to listen to what we need to nurture ourselves and others. Let’s move into the holiday season together with ease.

Cost: $25