Sunday May 5th, 1:30-3:30pm

Do you have aches, pains, or clicks in your shoulders? Do they feel tight, or have limited range of motion? You’re not alone. Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body, which means it is also the most prone to injury and compensation.
Natalie Wong and Jason Butler of Elevate Chiropractic & Rehab are teaming up to teach an in-depth workshop about how your shoulders should optimally function in yoga.
You’ll learn how to unwind compensations and create more fluid movements, so you can practice in a way that is safe & healthy for your body. Discover new tools for greater stability & by doing so increase the longevity of your asana practice!
This workshop is a combination of applied injury prevention techniques and extended vinyasa class, so you can immediately apply what you learn to the poses you know and love.
Price: $35