Teach Teens Yoga 20 hour Yoga Alliance CE Program with San Francisco Teacher, Dana Damara

February 16-18, 2018
$270 if registered by Jan 15th, $350 thereafter

Time and Location:
Friday 2/16 1:15-9:15pm at shefayoga Roosevelt
Saturday 2/17 1:15-9:15pm at shefayoga Roosevelt
Sunday 2/18 12:15-4pm at shefayoga Roosevelt

We all know the importance of academic success in our society… but what about social and emotional learning? What about teaching our children to take a breath before they speak? Or harnessing their thoughts? Or moving their bodies for optimal health? And for girls in particular, self-respect, self-awareness, self-love?

Youth Elevate is a program dedicated to bringing this kind of learning to middle and high school adolescents via the yoga community. The programs aim to instill empowerment, nurture tolerance, empathy and compassion into all children, regardless of sex, race, socio-economic status or religion.

The key components are yoga, mindfulness, social and emotional learning, and empowerment for young girls/women.


Learn how to share your love of yoga with teens and step forward as a leader in your community. Adolescents are our future - they will become the leaders of our nation. Our role as facilitators of this program is to support them in knowing who they are, nurturing their self- esteem, supporting self-awareness, and cultivating compassion. In this course we support you in bringing that message to adolescents in the public school system, the private sector and even clubs or after school community programs.

What you will learn:

    Yoga postures and sequencing for teens
    Social/emotional learning
    How to work with teens
    How to bring this work into the schools
    Activities for optimal learning
    Weekly curriculum/agendas on how to create your class

Upon completion of each 20-hour module and 10 hours of volunteer work (Seva), you will obtain a certificate to lead Teen Yoga classes in the Youth Elevate format. The program includes lecture, integration, testing, and internship before a facilitator can fully launch utilizing the Youth Elevate curriculum and using the brand name of our program.

We would prefer and actually, strongly recommend, that participants are 200-hour yoga certified however, it is not mandatory as the program offers easy postural clinics on how to teach postures and simple yogic philosophy tools. Secondarily, we would ask that you have at least 4 years experience with the practice of yoga so you are familiar with the basic teaching before sharing in a school setting. If you do not meet any of these requirements, PLEASE EMAIL US TO RECEIVE INTRO TO YOGA BASICS PACKET.

Dana Damara is one of the Bay Area's premier yoga instructors and leading advocate for women and young girl empowerment. She is a mystic, a mother, a teacher of teachers, and an author. She traverses between the mystical realms, and real life drama of a mother of two teenage girls. She is an activist for women of all ages: committed to feminine embodiment, self-love, sisterhood, sacred ceremony and ritual, and creating a safe space for evolution.

All inquiries, email us at sendatsuevolution@gmail.com.