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Sunday September 9th, 1:30-3:30pm

Join us for a truly ahhh-mazing feel good and stress relieving experience for your whole being! After an hour of deep-tissue self-massage unravelling those painful knots in your fascia and muscle (also known as myofascial release), you'll melt right into slow-sweet stretching followed by a blissed-out Savasana with optional healing touch.

The details:

In this workshop, Betsy will lead you through simple and super effective self-massage techniques rolling on Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls (Ginger's favorite!) roll-axing our way into tension's notorious hiding spots - the jaw, neck, shoulders, lower-back and hips. Once all these tissues are warm, supple, detoxified and re-hydrated Betsy and Ginger will double back to stretch it out, unwinding fully with hand's-on healing and essential oils by candle light during stretching and Savasana.

If we don't have to scoop you off the floor (or even if we do), you're invited to join us for a little after party. We'll top-off the night sipping bubbles and talking all things balls and bliss. Cost $40