Soulful Synergy

Soulful Synergy: A Partner Workshop with Meg & Chelsea

February 17, 2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Bring a partner/friend/relative and join Meg and Chelsea for a lighthearted exploration of partner yoga. Learn how to breathe, let go, and deepen your practice alongside each other. Explore ways to create ease and balance in your asana practice with the help and support of your partner. Feel empowered to give yourself the hands-on connection and assists to continue deepening and refining your personal practice every time you roll out your mat.

We will open with a brief introduction followed by a guided meditation with breathwork, sound bowls, and chanting to set the container. This workshop will consist of a dynamic flow with opportunities for more advanced variations as well as more restorative, longer held postures focusing on heart opening and harmonizing your minds and bodies. Experience the nourishing power of hands-on touch through self- and partner- assisted postures, breathwork, and an extended savasana with four (!!) hands on assists from Meg and Chelsea.

You will walk away from this workshop feeling connected, rejuvenated, and inspired to find play both on and off your mat.

Open to all levels. No partner needed; we will pair you up with another solo yogi.

Cost: $50 for one person or $90 for two.

Tags: workshop yoga
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